Three Great Reasons to Ditch the Dentures

Dentures are an out dated, conventional solution to full arch tooth loss that no longer provides the best answer…

With new dental technologies being introduced to dental care constantly, it is important for dental professionals to remain on the forefront of these changes. At Simply Dental, we do create custom dentures for our patients, but knowing there is a much better solution makes us want to tell every patient we see! We have listed below three important reasons to ditch the dentures in order to benefit from enhanced oral health and possibly a better quality of life!

1. Dentures are unstable

It’s true – the dentures made 50 years ago as a solution to tooth loss no longer fit our evolved mouths, making them slippery and unstable. This can also affect your confidence as dentures can often slip during eating or speaking.

2. Dentures are uncomfortable

Because dentures aren’t really made for the modern mouth, they can sometimes not sit properly on the gums, cutting into them or rubbing against it in a way that creates ulcers or sores.

3. Dentures are not long-term

While you can use dentures for years, it is whether you mind living with them day in and day out that may change your mind as to whether it is the best solution for you.

At Simply Dental in Noosaville we utilise advanced technology to bring you dental implants: a strong, stable, comfortable and permanent solution to tooth loss!

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