Our Commitment

At Simply Dental, we recognise that our patients come first.

From the moment we meet you to the time your treatment is complete, Simply Dental is committed to providing a high quality service in a safe environment. We recognise that our patients come first.

Treatment & Care with Respect

  • we will listen to your dental problems and provide you with an easy to understand explanation of your treatment and a solution
  • we will respect your dignity and the choices you make
  • we will follow the latest cross-infection control guidelines at all times to keep you safe
  • we will do all we possibly can to keep your appointment times

We Ask You To

  • respect our Dental Team as we respect you
  • pay for treatment at the end of each visit
  • inform us of any changes to your medical history and/or contact details
  • keep your appointment times or provide us with at least 48 hours of cancellation
  • tell us if you’re not satisfied with any aspect of your care

» Click here to download our Simply Dental Patient Charter