Oral Health Therapist

Ellke is passionate about her role as an Oral Health Therapist and aims to create a fun, comfortable environment and care for people’s dental health. She loves working with children and teenagers, focusing on education and promoting good oral health.

Ellke completed her bachelor degree at the University of Queensland with dual training, meaning, Ellke is not only a qualified Dental Hygienist, but she is also a Dental Therapist.

Dental Therapists are specially trained clinicians who are able to treat children aged 0 to 17 years. They are able to independently perform routine check-ups on children, and diagnose problems such as decay or gum disease. With these additional skills, Ellke is qualified to do xrays, fillings, fissure sealants and extractions of baby teeth. She can also make protective mouth guards, space maintainers and place stainless steel crowns.

With her Dental Hygiene training, Ellke is still able to prevent gum disease in any age by thorough cleaning and scaling of the teeth and gums. She is also experienced in professional tooth whitening to brighten those healthy smiles!


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